IT Consultancy

I have been working in various business related and IT disciplines predominately in the hospitality sector for the last 30 years. Since 2005 I have exclusively worked as a freelance consultant for restaurant, coffee shop and creative clients. See below a brief description of the key IT areas that I work in to benefit my SME clients. If any area interests you click on the link for a brief advice article relating to the discipline. I hope these may be of help when planning your new projects.

Wireless Access Point on Ceiling

Wi-Fi Systems and Customer Wi-Fi Gateways

I undertake Wi-Fi site surveys and plan wireless network deployments. This includes suggesting equipment and specifying optimum locations for wireless access points. I configure wireless network controllers and managed switches to run customer Wi-Fi and secure network applications simultaneously on separated VLAN networks. For clients wanting more than basic subnet routers I also deploy local customer Wi-Fi gateways and hosted captive portal systems too.